Our Services


Achieve financial stability and growth with our expert finance management services tailored to your business needs.

Financial Planning

Plan for a secure financial future with our comprehensive financial planning solutions designed to meet your long-term goals.

Business Consulting

Maximize your business potential and profitability with our strategic business consulting services.

Company Research

Stay ahead of the competition with our thorough company research services, providing valuable insights for informed decision-making.


Ensure accurate financial records and compliance with our professional accounting services, tailored to your business requirements.

Business Solution

Find innovative business solutions and streamline your operations for enhanced efficiency and success.

Accounts & Finance Related Services

  • Statutory Accounts Preparation (Annual)
  • Management Accounts Preparation (Monthly, Quarterly & Annual)
  • PF Accounts Preparation
  • Gratuity Accounts Preparation
  • Accounting Advisory
  • FDI Reporting
  • Accounts Review
  • ERP Implementation
  • Financial Audit Support Service

Initial Public Offering (IPO) Support Services

  • Capital Restructuring
  • Minimizing Cost of Capital
  • Road mapping of future business
  • Guideline for Good business valuation
  • Pre-IPO Fund Raising
  • Post-IPO Fund Raising
  • Ensure good Corporate Governance
  • Provide good Investment decision
  • Guidance for Wealth Maximization
  • Guidance for Good Dividend Decisions
  • Merger & Acquisition
  • Facilitate to increase business goodwill

Loan Processing Support Services

  • Corporate Loan processing & documentation
  • Individual & firms Loan processing & documentation

Financial Statement Analysis, Interpretations & Decision Making

  • Financial statements analysis, Variance Analysis, Decision Making & report writing
  • Financial Modeling
  • Financial Statement presentation with Graph, Chart, Bar, Pie for company
  • Bank transaction analysis & provide good guidelines for smooth functioning of business

Working Capital Management

The goal of working capital management is to ensure that a firm is able to continue its operations and that it has sufficient ability to satisfy both maturing short-term debt and upcoming operational expenses. The management of working capital involves managing inventories, accounts receivable and payable and cash.


  • Developing inventory control system
  • Production planning
  • Accurate tracking of inventory quantities

Accounts Receivable

  • Credit period fixation
  • Credit risk minimization
  • Billing timeliness and quality
  • Aging schedule fixation
  • Prioritized and proactive collection procedures

Accounts Payable

  • Credit risk minimization
  • Aligned and optimized supplier terms
  • Payment method frequency follow-up
  • Early payment prevention
  • Aging schedule fixation

Income Tax Related Services

  • Corporate Tax planning, preparation, return submission & provide overall guidelines
  • Personal Tax planning, preparation, return submission & provide overall guidelines
  • Guidelines for Tax Deducted @ Source or Advance tax payment
  • Filing of E-TDS Returns & E-Returns
  • Facing Tax Audit
  • Facing Tax Appeal, Tribunal & High Court
  • Provide guidelines for reducing tax burden of the taxpayers

VAT Related Services

  • VAT Planning, guiding and minimizing various costs
  • Monthly VAT Return Submission (Partnership/Company/Individual)
  • Maintain VAT related books of accounts
  • Facing VAT Audit, Appeal, Tribunal, & High Court
  • Price declaration (Mushuk 4.3)
  • Monthly VAT Compliance (VDS)
  • Credit mechanism/ Rebate Mechanism
  • VAT Registration

Customs Related Services

  • Bond Licensing
  • Bond-Audit
  • Customs Appeal, Tribunal & Write petition at High Court
  • C & F Support services
  • Freight Services

Company Laws/RJSC Related Services

  • Name Clearance of Company
  • Name Change
  • New Company Incorporation
  • Address Change
  • Director Change
  • AGM & EGM Preparation
  • Increase/Decrease Share Capital
  • Return Filing (Annual & Return of Changes)
  • Partnership Registration
  • Society Registration
  • Drafting and finalizing MoA & AoA Preparation
  • New share allotment (Form XV)
  • Share Transfer (Form-117)

Corporate Secretarial Services

  • Maintain proper registers and minute books.
  • Preparation of minutes and resolution for Director’s and Shareholder’s Meetings.
  • General advisory on corporate matters.
  • Conversion from a sole proprietorship/partnership to a Private or Public limited company

Asset Management & Valuation of Business

  • Performing asset verifications
  • Performing condition assessments
  • Providing our asset management system
  • Advising on asset optimization and alignment to service delivery requirements
  • Providing training in asset management and related concepts
  • Developing and/or advising on policies and procedures
  • Valuation of assets as well as proprietorship/partnership business as per market condition at a required period of time

Valuation Related Services

  • Valuation of Fixed Assets
  • Valuation of Inventory

System Implementation Related Services

  • System implementation on Cost Accounting
  • ERP/New Accounting Software implementation support
  • Transfer pricing
  • Human Resources (HR) Policy Preparation
  • Adopt Fixed Asset management system
  • Adopt Inventory management system

Preparation of Project Profile & Feasibility Study

We are more expert for preparing new project analysis. A well-designed feasibility includes a historical background of the business or project, a description of the product or service, accounting statements, details of the operations and management, marketing research and policies, financial data, legal requirements and tax obligations. We are capable for finding projected NPV, IRR, Break Even Point, Pricing, Sales & Net Profit by considering Projected Accounts, financial models, tools & reporting it with good graphical presentations. Our services include-

  • Business Planning and Analysis
  • Corporate Business Profile
  • Project Profile for Loan Processing
  • Profile for Initial Public Offering (IPO)
  • Survey and Analysis for market segmentation

Various Types of Licensing

  • Tax Identification Number (TIN) Certificate
  • Business Identification Number (BIN) Certificate
  • PF, Gratuity & Pension Fund TIN Certificate
  • Trade License (New & Renewal)
  • Import & Export Licensing (IRC & ERC)
  • Environment Clearance License
  • Factory Establishment Licenses
  • Fire Licenses
  • Registration of Liaison Office in Bangladesh
  • Registration of Branch Office in Bangladesh
  • BIDA License (Corporate & Foreign Individuals)
  • Trademark
  • Copyright
  • Obtain membership certificate from various chamber of commerce (New, Renew, Amendment)

Internal Audit & Assurance Related Services

  • Conduct internal audit to assess the possible risk and deficiency of existing control system
  • Redesign the control map to align the business strategy
  • Recommend the possible safeguards that reduce any threats to an acceptable level

Our activities involved the following:

  • Assess and evaluation of financial transactions is free from material misstatement
  • Assess whether Financial statements is prepared in accordance with the IAS/IFRS/ GAAP, relevant laws, rules and regulations
  • Provide reasonable assurance regarding financial statements provide a true and fair view
  • Review internal control system, identify the weakness, provide impact of control weakness and possible recommendations

Cost Audit & Consultancy

  • Prepare accurate cost reports and ensure more accurate business planning
  • Locate inefficiencies (or efficiencies) in production and convert them into monetary terms
  • Possible management by exception through fixation of individual responsibility
  • Check the system of budgetary control, standard costing, and cost accounting practices

Cost Accounting Systems - Implementation and Follow up

  • To identify the exact causes for decrease or increase in the Profit/loss of the business
  • To help in identifying unprofitable activities, losses, or inefficiencies in any form
  • To find new and improved methods for reducing costs
  • To find out idle capacity of specific operations

Management Audit & Consultancy

  • Evaluates and appraises the efficiency of the management at all levels
  • Reviews whether principles and policies formulated by the management have been successfully implemented or not
  • Evaluates the authority and responsibility and gives valuable suggestions for improvement of coordination among the activities and employees
  • Assesses the situation to provide recommendations based on analysis & assessment of data and business processes
  • The need to implement a new system (ERP)

Exemption & Fund Recognition

  • ITES Exemption Certificate (New & Renewal)
  • Various Tax Exemption Certificate
  • Provident Fund Recognition
  • Gratuity Fund Recognition
  • Pension Fund Recognition

Miscellaneous Services

  • Credit Rating Support Services
  • Work Permit Application, Cancellation, Amendment
  • Liaison/Representative Branch Office Registration & Renewal of Registration